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“Oh that’s where I belong! Singing a good ‘ol country song!”

Those words ring true for Sudbury, ON native, Deborah Frappier, who is set to release her debut album “Where I Belong” in May, 2016. The collection of songs celebrate Frappier’s return to one of her life’s passions.

In her youth, Frappier had performed with bands in country bars all over Ontario but grew tired of the bar scene. She focused her talents on the church choir, singing & participating for many more years. It wasn’t until the summer of 2015, after a road trip with her husband, Gord, that she was reacquainted with her music.

“Where I Belong” goes into detail of how and why Deborah returned to her passion, telling the story over a bed of modern country with a splash of that old country feel. She talks about how her father inspired to her to get into music in the first place, and how her mother’s support kept her going.

Many of the songs on “Where I Belong” draw from Frappier’s personal experiences, but “Baby Blair” is an exception. In the fourth song off her record, Deborah tells a story about a young woman who was forced to give up her newborn for adoption, and how that newborn grew into a man in search of his mother.

While she had been away from country music for some years, Frappier’s voice took to it like riding a bicycle. Whether singing a ballad or an upbeat folk tune, her voice dominates the audio spectrum with power and confidence. Frappier’s songwriting is personal and experience driven, giving the listener a peak into her past.

A key motivator for Frappier’s return to music was her mother who had been diagnosed with ALS in April 2015. Sadly, her mother passed away later that year in December, but not before attending one of Frappier’s recording sessions. In her mother’s honour, Frappier will be hosting an event on June 4th, 2016, releasing her album alongside a fundraiser in support of ALS Awareness Month.

"Rob and I had Deborah in for our Friday Live feature and she was an absolute delight. She is very passionate about country music and song writing. This is easy to see through the real stories her song tell. Both our listeners and I enjoyed her traditional country sound."

Janel Steeper Radio Host

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